Jacob Fuller
Katrina tour
The Katrina tour was very interesting.  I never really knew a lot about Katrina until I watched Spike Lee's "When The Levies Broke." I felt like the documentary was very one sided and having the tour guide as a second perspective was very informative.  Actually seeing water marks on buildings had a bigger impact than just hearing people talk about the water levels.  Also seeing 80% of New Orleans as flooded seems a lot bigger in person.  It was also very interesting to see the difference in flooding from area to area.  Seeing the houses from the Make It Right Foundation was pretty cool.  I really liked the designs because they are really interesting and intriguing.  The final thing I really enjoyed about the tour was getting to hear what Wolf went through during Katrina.  It was awesome to hear how he helped people get through the disaster. 
Swamp Tour
The swamp tour was by far the highlight of the trip.  However, I feel it would not have been as great as it was if we did not have Captain Al as our guide.  Hearing stories like the Black Storm of 1915 and Julia Brown were very interesting.  Also, getting close to the gators was a big thrill.  And as usual the gumbo was amazing.
Make It Right
I really enjoyed our guest speaker from Make It Right.  He was very laid back and outgoing.  The one thing I did not know about Make It Right was that people they built houses for had to pay for half of it out of their own pocket. It was also interesting to hear that they were actually sticking to the traditional style of houses.  Wolf told us that people were upset that they were not sticking to the traditional shotgun style homes. 
Launch Pad

I really enjoyed Launch Pad because of their diversity.  They had everything from lawyers to programmers.  It was also really cool how all the people within Launch Pad collaborated and helped each other with their product or business.  Also hearing about the new product that one gentleman was working on was pretty spectacular.

Hero Farm
The guys from Hero Farm were definitely my favorite guest speakers.  Hearing their perspective of alternative marketing compared to traditional marketing was cool to hear.  Also hearing their background and where they came from to where they are now showed me no matter where you start you never know where you will end up. 
Southern University of New Orleans
I could tell they were really excited to host us during our visit.  The thing I liked the most about SUNO was their emphasis on their business program.  They go in depth into business plans until they are perfect.   They also do a lot of training out in the field in different businesses.  It's awesome to see that they are recovering from the damages they took from Katrina.