Laney Henry
LaunchPad, Idea Village and HeroFarm  are all grass roots movements that organically grew in the New Orlean's area.
 LaunchPad, I think, is one of the best places we encountered in New Orleans. The authentic bond that people have in the building is really interesting because in a way each business is competeing for a customer base. But no matter the idea that is becoming a full fledge business, each person is willing to bounce ideas off of each other. I personally think that is one of the great things that is happening in these places.
 Idea Village, has an interesting philosophy of Pay It Forward, where they will pay the expenses of the businesses they are trying to nurture then give them an invoice stating now much those services were worth like the consulting and mentoring. Then after the business becomes larger and more self sustaining, the idea is that the business will pay Idea Village back for the services. This business is a nonprofit organization.  
        HeroFarm, has a new way of thinking in the marketing field. The marketing field is so stale, that this company blew some fresh air into it. They do an approach called gorilla marketing, which seems to me like a market stun. But this kind of marketing may be painting toliet paper on the ground and something saying that you are walking on air, it seems very sensory which I feel like my generation is interested in.